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UPS ON-LINE 30.000VA/24.000W


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UPS ON-LINE 30.000VA/24.000W

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UPS ON-LINE, 30.000VA/24.000W, Trifasica, FP 0.8, 120/208VAC, ONDA SENO PURA, DB9 serial, EPO, Ranura SNMP, Entrada y salida HardWire, autonomia 5/13 minutos (full/media) dentro del mismo gabinete, montaje torre, Software Monitoreo Gratuito Power Alert


  • Saves valuable space: power and battery components combined into a single small-footprint module
  • Simplifies runtime scalability: convenient front panel battery access for expandable runtime with additional internal battery packs
  • True on-line, double conversion UPS with IGBT technology provides pure, sine wave AC output at all times
  • Maintains continuous operation through blackouts, voltage fluctuations and surges with zero transfer time
  • Removes harmonic distortion, electrical impulses, frequency variations and other hard-to-solve power problems
  • 30,000VA/24,000 watt power capacity with 3-phase, hardwire 120/208V AC input/output connections
  • Features a wide input voltage correction range: 96 - 144/166 - 250V AC
  • Included internal batteries provide 13 minutes runtime at half load(12,000 watts) and 5 minutes runtime at full load(24,000 watts)
  • 3:1 crest factor safely supports a variety of equipment, even those with wildly-fluctuating power demands
  • Extend runtime by installing an optional internal battery pack(model # SURBC2030) through the front panel access door. SU30K3/3 includes 3 internal battery packs and accepts 1 additional internal battery pack. A standalone battery module compartment with a 4 battery pack capacity and daisy-chain capability(model # SUBF2030) is available to further extend runtime.
  • 3 communication ports(RS-232, contact closure and AS-400)
  • Slot for optional SNMP card(model # SNMPWEBCARD)
  • Manual bypass switch as well as an automatic bypass function ensures 100% availability of connected equipment by safely passing through AC power when the UPS system requires maintenance
  • Battery Start Switch allows cold restart of UPS during a prolonged blackout to utilize its batteries for periodic system access or data retrieval
  • Emergency Power Off button turns UPS output OFF and disables Bypass output
  • PowerAlert Universal UPS Power Management Software and 6 ft. communication cable included
  • Start-up service program is recommended to enhance the reliability of the installation
  • Built-in Emergency Power Off(EPO) interface supports remote emergency shutdown in large facilities
  • Combination LED/LCD display